[ct-user] (no subject)

Jon Kovacs jkovacs at neo.rr.com
Wed Mar 8 10:52:41 EST 2006

After doing the WRITELOG command and having the files printed, I noticed 
one of the files was not correct.

I called my files Arrlph06.    The sum file is Arrlph06.sum, however 
they type is not SUM file, but just says "msworks"?????   When you put 
the mouse on this and click, nothing happens other than the hardrive 
making noise.   You can't read it or print it. 

All the other files are readable and will print, with the exception of 
my Arrlph06.sum...  How that msworks got there is beyond me?    This 
program has worked virtually flawless for seven years
however I am not flawless????

Any ideas how I can get this corrected??     I realisze this isn't a 
file that is sent in, but it did read and print up to now....

Thanks to all

jon k8ly

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