[ct-user] CT & XP

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Nov 21 08:00:10 EST 2006

Hi Ron:

Since you already have a FAT32 partition, you can very easily
install DOS and a small program to allow your computer to boot
straight to DOS on that partition or WindowsXP.  If you are
interested, I'll tell you how to do it.  The only
"difficult" part about doing this is creating the D: drive
(or partition) and you have done that.  The only
restriction is that D: must be a PRIMARY partition...
it probably is.

Let me know if you are interested.


Mark, KD4D

Ron Notarius W3WN wrote:
> Forgive me if this is a known issue -- I suspect it is -- but for the first
> time since I bought CT 6.17 at Dayton longer ago than I care to think about,
> I ran into a major problem with CT yesterday.
> Went to setup CT 10 on the "new" (OK, rebuilt) shack computer so I could run
> a little SS for the spare hour or so I had, and it locked up on me during
> initial setup.  Never at the same place, but I never got out of the setup
> screen.
> The new computer is running XP Pro SP2.  It replaced a Win98SE box.  Also,
> FWIW, I have the CT files stored on my D: drive instead of C: -- D: is a
> smaller FAT32 drive instead of an NTFS drive, neccesary to avoid problems
> with my primary logging and QSL management routines (written in dBase IV &
> Visual dBase 5.7... which, being 16 bit apps, don't handle NTFS long file
> names well, but THAT's another story altogether)
> SO, two simple questions:
> -- Is this a compatibility problem with CT & XP?
> -- And if so, should I switch to CTWin?
> I really hate to give up on CT.  It may be "old" software, but it's tried,
> true, and I'm used to it.
> 73, ron w3wn
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