[ct-user] NETTSR and new computers - it works!

John Bednar k3ct at verizon.net
Mon Sep 18 06:35:41 EDT 2006

In the past, I have used CTWin on 233 MHz and 450 MHz Pentium
computers running Win98 without any CW sending issues. 

I have since upgraded to faster computers with WinXp for improved

k3ct at verizon.net

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Good day, everyone:

I just had occasion to try using dis_pkt and an NDIS driver on
a new computer to use with a CT DOS network.  It worked fine,
this time with an Intel Pro/100 VE network controller.  With
the Intel E100B.DOS driver, this works fine.  It took less than
10 minutes to set up.  The procedure I wrote up some time
ago worked fine.


This means that CT DOS can be run with ethernet networking
on most new computers.  (Note:  this works but needs torture
testing to make sure it is stable).

With the ByteRunner PCI serial cards, it appears that almost 
any modern DESKTOP computer with a parallel port can be 
used successfully for CT DOS.  I think Byterunner has a parallel 
port PCI card with a DOS driver, so it may be possible to use that.

Laptops are another matter.

I will have to try CTWIN here...I suspect it would work more
easily.  I have had problems with delays in sending CW
from CT WIN, but that may have been due to old, slow
computers.  I haven't tried it on this new, fast Dell.

I hope that this may help someone.  If not, it at least helps
me!  :-)


Mark, KD4D
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