[ct-user] NETTSR and new computers - it works!

W2RU - Bud Hippisley W2RU at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 17 18:57:27 EDT 2006

kd4d at comcast.net wrote:

>I think Byterunner has a parallel 
>port PCI card with a DOS driver, so it may be possible to use that.  
I'm using a Byterunner 2-serial / 1-parallel port PCI card in my HP 
desktop.  It worked fine with CT (DOS) and parallel port CW keying to 
the rig.

Unfortunately, despite messing around in WinXP Control Panel, I could 
only get the parallel port to come up as LPT3 (not LPT2), and some other 
ham application I used it with only went as high as LPT2, so I had to 
swap the two parallel ports and put the CW keying on the HP's internal 
parallel port hardware (as LPT1) and put my old printer on the 
Byterunner LPT3.  Nonetheless, it *does* work just fine with CT (DOS).

I also have a Byterunner USB <--> 2-serial adapter for my laptop.  But 
the USB <--> parallel adapter is only meant to run printers and 
terminates in a Centronix (IEEE-1284B) connector, not a parallel port 
DB25.  The best you can do for laptops is get one of their PCMCIA <--> 
DB25 female parallel port adapters (model LPT-PCM), providing your 
laptop still has a PCMCIA (aka "PC Card") slot.

Bud, W2RU

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