[ct-user] CT_TIME Utility ???

John Bednar k3ct at verizon.net
Fri Apr 6 17:28:02 EDT 2007


On a WinXp computer, I generated a dummy log with CTWin 10.03. I ran
ct_time in a command window and there were no errors. I checked the
logs and the time shifted correctly. I don't see anything wrong with
CTWin10 and the Windows ct_time utility when run with WinXp. 

I would expect that the Windows utilities would not work with WinME
or Win98.

If you want to send me your log, I can try and offset the times with
WinXp and the Windows utilities.

k3ct at verizon.net

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After using CT DOS V10 for the CQ WPX contest I found all of my
times were off  by +1 Hour
due to the new EST/DST dates. I'm trying to correct my log before
the submission deadline.

I tried running the "CT_TIME" utility and kept getting a "Stack
Overflow" Error Message.

As a test I went to the K1EA web site and downloaded the utilities
for CT9 DOS, CT10 DOS,
and CT10 WIN. I extracted each to a separate folders on my "Desktop"
and then ran each one!!!

My results:

   All utilities worked correctly.

CT10 DOS: 
   B2R10.EXE    - Worked
   CHK_TEN.EXE  - Stack Overflow
   CQ2DXP.EXE   - Stack Overflow
   CT_TIME.EXE  - Stack Overflow
   FIX_MINE.EXE - Worked
   MERGE.EXE    - Worked
   R2B10.EXE    - Worked
   TRUNC_BI.EXE - Worked

   ALL utilities  All Failed !!!
   They flashed up in a "DOS WINDOW" and then collapsed back to a
the "Desktop"

I'm running WINDOWS ME and never had a problem with CT DOS or CT WIN

If some of you could verify this problem for me I would appreciate
I don't want to bother K1EA with a "Bug Report" if the problem is on
my end.

TNX es 73
Bob, K1VU  

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