[ct-user] couple of ctwin problems

Curt Knight cak at hokualele.net
Sat Jan 20 22:48:12 EST 2007

I have been trying to get a multi-2 station set up using ctwin.  The
software runs on a pair of Windows XP machines with a wireless network
connected to the internet via DSL.  I have verified the following:

ct.cfg is present, with stations numbered 1 and 2.
Multi.cfg is present, with three lines beginning 0, 1, and 2.  Names are
Station1 and Station2.
Upon startup, CT reports station 1 and station 2 properly in the bottom left
of the screen.
Contest setup for ARRL DX, DX station.  Radios are FT1000D, but are not
connected at the moment.  I set com1 to NONE during the startup dialog.
Program was started with -enet -vga.

Now to the problems.

When I send a message using alt-G, one message appears on the computer I am
typing on, but two identical messages appear on the other computer.  When I
log a contact, one log entry appears on the computer I am typing on, but two
entries appear on the other computer, with the second one labelled as a

Probably unrelated, alt-F1 appears to work to change bands, but alt-F2 does
nothing.  That is, the band at the left end of the logging entry line
changes as expected with alt-F1.  However, when I press enter to log the
contact, the band reverts to 20m before logging the contact.  When I tried
to repeat this error at home where I have a single operator setup, the same
thing happened but when I connected the radio this particular behavior
seemed to be cured.  On the other hand, with the radio connected the program
would not read the band from the radio (Icom 746) so changing the band by
pressing the radio buttons resulted in an erroneous log, but changing band
in the software did change the band on the radio.

Still no progress on getting the sub-windows to move on the home
installation.  I posted on this a few days ago, and thanks to all of you who
sent suggestions.

Any suggestions? Sorry if these things have been beaten to death; if so I
haven't found the place yet!

73 and aloha,

Curt AH6RE

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