[ct-user] CT data files updated (CO QSO Party, RAC)

JIMMY D HARRIS ab0uk at msn.com
Sat Jul 7 12:02:41 EDT 2007


Thank you for the help with CT.  I know it was a last minute rush and we do 
apprediate it.

Doug,  we need to put the below instructions on the COQP website for CT 
logging program.  It is a bit lengthy so I will leave it up to you as how 
best to make it available.  A separate link to the text that is stored 
someplace might keep the front page from having so much verbiage on it.  
I'll leave it up to you to keep it as clean and user friendly as possible.  
Thank you for taking care of it.

Jim, AB0UK

>From: Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>
>To: ct-user at contesting.com,gmc at mailman.qth.net
>CC: DESloan at aol.com,ab0uk at msn.com,ken at k1ea.com,k6rf at aol.com
>Subject: CT data files updated (CO QSO Party, RAC)
>Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 09:28:39 -0600
>I've uploaded a few new .DAT files to the K1EA CT web site:
>	http://www.k1ea.com/dat/
>- new file COQP.DAT which contains county abbreviations for Colorado QSO 
>- new file COQPSTAT.DAT which contains state, county and province 
>abbreviations for Colorado QSO Party
>- updated RAC.DAT to add missing NL section
>Colorado QSO Party:  http://www.ppraa.org/coqp/index.php
>If you want to operate COQP from out-of-state, copy the COQP.DAT file to 
>FQP.DAT, then use the Florida QSO Party (non-FL) contest.
>If you want to operate COQP from in-state, copy the COQPSTAT.DAT file to 
>FQPSTATE.DAT, then use the Florida QSO Party (FL) contest.
>There are a couple of bugs in the FL QSO Party module in CT which makes it 
>hard to keep track of multipliers as you are working them.  The only way to 
>see if you worked the mult before is to put the cursor on the QSO and use 
>the F10 key.  This display does NOT update in real time.  Also, there is no 
>way to see a window of all the multipliers you have worked (or not worked).
>PLEASE, PLEASE check out these files before operating in the CO QSO Party!  
>They are brand new and may contain errors.
>73 - Jim AD1C
>Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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