[ct-user] CT -- short-form quick reference plus keyboard key identifiers

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Thank you for the information.  We'll try to get a link up on the website.

Doug,  next time you are upating the COQP website please make a link to the 
below referenced document.  The URL is about the middle of the second 
paragraph.  Thanks.

My thanks to everyone for their support.  73, to all.

Jim, AB0UK

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>Subject: CT -- short-form quick reference plus keyboard key identifiers
>Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 12:38:17 -0500
>For what it's worth, in 1998 I wrote a quick reference for CT.   I sent a
>few others copies then it got picked up by the YCCC club in New England.
>At their suggestion, I posted a "let me know if you want a copy" e-mail on
>the contest reflector and I was quickly buried with requests.  After
>e-mailing 500+ copies, I posted it to the Web.   The YCCC club added it to
>their site as a downloadable file and other contest clubs did as well.   I
>was a tech manual writer in a former life so I had some knowledge of how to
>reduce the complex into something (hopefully) quick and easy to read,
>understand and use.   Contesters will always be indebted to Ken, K1EA, for
>writing (in my opinion) the first decent contest computer program  and for
>Jim, AD1C, for managing update files and the like.   As those of you know
>who used CT, Ken released CT into the "public domain" a few(?) years ago.
>Really loving the program, I kept using CT for a long time only switching 
>WL in the recent past.   CT is still the best all around program for
>stability and getting it to work with no hassles.  BUT, at 3 AM when you've
>forgotten one of the many DOS commands, thumbing through the lengthy
>instruction manual to find it can be frustrating.  In fact, having that
>happen is what caused me to write what I did.
>I thought I had lost the file but I just found it.   I've posted it to
>www.w0tm.com/ct.htm and in Word .doc form (if you wish to save it as the
>original Word file) at www.w0tm.com/CTaids.doc.   Everything in the two Web
>addresses IS case sensitive.   Best to just click on these hyperlinks.
>The first page is an explanation of what it is.  The second is a page that,
>once printed, you can cut up to use to stick onto, or near, keyboard keys.
>The third and fourth are "at a glance" sheets for CT function keys and Text
>Commands (what you type in to get certain actions to happen).  Remember, 
>original CT is a DOS program so everything is either keystrokes or typed
>commands.   This was written before Ken wrote the Windows versions so this
>is only for the DOS version.  What, of any of this, might be useful with 
>Windows version, I have no idea.
>My apologies if there are any errors.   I'll be happy to correct anything
>anyone catches.  I know it was accurate in 1998 but CT may have changed
>since then.   If this is of help to anyone, I'm glad.  If not, that's OK
>too.  I received hundreds of "thank you's" from all over the world when CT
>was the program of choice for contesting.  But I just made a couple of 
>reference sheets plus label cut-outs while Ken wrote the program and Jim
>labored for years running the CT reflector patiently answering questions
>over and over (and over).  They are the ones who contesting owes more 
>than we can ever give them.  My addition was minor, quick and simple.
>Perhaps it will be again for those of you still using CT or who put it to
>use in this contest or any other.  As I say, in its day, CT was the 
>best contest program.   Feel free to republish this "quick reference" onto
>any other site.   Or show a link to it.
>Gary, W0TM
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>Subject: [GMC] RE: CT data files updated (CO QSO Party, RAC)
>Thank you for the help with CT.  I know it was a last minute rush and we do
>apprediate it.
>Doug,  we need to put the below instructions on the COQP website for CT
>logging program.  It is a bit lengthy so I will leave it up to you as how
>best to make it available.  A separate link to the text that is stored
>someplace might keep the front page from having so much verbiage on it.
>I'll leave it up to you to keep it as clean and user friendly as possible.
>Thank you for taking care of it.
>Jim, AB0UK
> >From: Jim Reisert AD1C <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>
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> >Subject: CT data files updated (CO QSO Party, RAC)
> >Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 09:28:39 -0600
> >
> >I've uploaded a few new .DAT files to the K1EA CT web site:
> >
> >	http://www.k1ea.com/dat/
> >
> >- new file COQP.DAT which contains county abbreviations for Colorado QSO
> >Party
> >- new file COQPSTAT.DAT which contains state, county and province
> >abbreviations for Colorado QSO Party
> >- updated RAC.DAT to add missing NL section
> >
> >Colorado QSO Party:  http://www.ppraa.org/coqp/index.php
> >
> >If you want to operate COQP from out-of-state, copy the COQP.DAT file to
> >FQP.DAT, then use the Florida QSO Party (non-FL) contest.
> >
> >If you want to operate COQP from in-state, copy the COQPSTAT.DAT file to
> >FQPSTATE.DAT, then use the Florida QSO Party (FL) contest.
> >
> >There are a couple of bugs in the FL QSO Party module in CT which makes 
> >hard to keep track of multipliers as you are working them.  The only way 
> >see if you worked the mult before is to put the cursor on the QSO and use
> >the F10 key.  This display does NOT update in real time.  Also, there is 
> >way to see a window of all the multipliers you have worked (or not 
> >
> >PLEASE, PLEASE check out these files before operating in the CO QSO 
> >They are brand new and may contain errors.
> >
> >73 - Jim AD1C
> >
> >--
> >Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us
> >
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