[ct-user] CT DOS Comport Configuration Query

N6KI Dennis Vernacchia n6ki_73 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 13 05:05:09 EDT 2007

I have a Celeron machine running WIN98SE
I am trying to get set up for a ham friend

Problem is it only has 1 COM port on Mother Board

I managed to find a NEW 2 COM Port ( 2 DB-9s connectors)
PCI board which I installed and the floppy disk that came with it
had drivers for DOS and also WIN98

I did check the company's web site for any new drivers
and the DOS and WIN98 drivers were the same as on the diskette

Machine is set to boot into Straight DOS without
loading any Windows Driver
( set GUI=0 in System.ini file )

That works fine, it boots into DOS on turn on

I installed the card and DOS driver and I am able to
do a port test with a DOS Utility and both COM ports
checkout fine.

In the CT Directory I load
COMTSR1 ( For my Telnet Packet input and that works fine )

I am trying to do radio control for a
Kenwood TS-950 on one of the new ports on the
Plug in serial card

I typed

COMTSRX -A2E8 -B4800
( Where X = 2, 3 and 4 com ports.....to no avail)

Any ideas what I am doing wrong

The Blue confirmation Window always comes up and verifies that
I did in fact get the  desired COM port and the port address

( The Serial card booklet instructed me that port addresses
are 2E8 and 3E8

( N81 for other defaults as usual )

I also went intoi WIN 98 and loaded those drivers just to be sure
WIN98 sees the ports and all is wel there but I know not
to run CT for DOS in WIN98

I do NOT want to run CTWIN if I can help it as have
had too many problems in the past with Video chipsets etc
not working correct with CTWIN )

Ant DOS gurus out there with some other solutions ?

73, Dennis N6KI
Sandy Eggo

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