[ct-user] CT DOS Comport Configuration Query

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 21:49:26 EDT 2007

Did you type SETUP after that to let the program know which port the radio was on?

At 6/13/2007 05:05 AM, N6KI Dennis Vernacchia wrote:
>I have a Celeron machine running WIN98SE
>I am trying to get set up for a ham friend
>Problem is it only has 1 COM port on Mother Board
>I managed to find a NEW 2 COM Port ( 2 DB-9s connectors)
>PCI board which I installed and the floppy disk that came with it
>had drivers for DOS and also WIN98
>I did check the company's web site for any new drivers
>and the DOS and WIN98 drivers were the same as on the diskette
>Machine is set to boot into Straight DOS without
>loading any Windows Driver
>( set GUI=0 in System.ini file )
>That works fine, it boots into DOS on turn on
>I installed the card and DOS driver and I am able to
>do a port test with a DOS Utility and both COM ports
>checkout fine.
>In the CT Directory I load
>COMTSR1 ( For my Telnet Packet input and that works fine )
>I am trying to do radio control for a
>Kenwood TS-950 on one of the new ports on the
>Plug in serial card
>I typed
>COMTSRX -A2E8 -B4800
>( Where X = 2, 3 and 4 com ports.....to no avail)
>Any ideas what I am doing wrong
>The Blue confirmation Window always comes up and verifies that
>I did in fact get the  desired COM port and the port address
>( The Serial card booklet instructed me that port addresses
>are 2E8 and 3E8
>( N81 for other defaults as usual )
>I also went intoi WIN 98 and loaded those drivers just to be sure
>WIN98 sees the ports and all is wel there but I know not
>to run CT for DOS in WIN98
>I do NOT want to run CTWIN if I can help it as have
>had too many problems in the past with Video chipsets etc
>not working correct with CTWIN )
>Ant DOS gurus out there with some other solutions ?
>73, Dennis N6KI
>Sandy Eggo
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