[ct-user] I am having a problem with using <fix_mine.exe>

Don Richards donsay2 at cox.net
Fri Nov 2 18:41:41 EST 2007

In the past CQ WW DX 2007 Contest and using CTWin 4.03.002 I entered my 
call in error as a station worked.  I can use some help in deleting my 
call from among the stations worked.  I used <fix_mine.exe> in a DOS 
computer with my CQWW2007,BIN file. The menu associated with 
<fix_mine.exe> came up and all appeared normal with a message saying "O 
W7UPF" which I assumed  meant my call had been removed but when the bin 
file was placed in the CTWin program and WRITECAB ran again my call 
still appears.  Any idea as to what to do now? 

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