[ct-user] I am having a problem with using <fix_mine.exe>

Fri Nov 2 19:14:13 EST 2007

I entered my call as a station worked to override a DX call on the line --  
after hitting "Enter" before I actually worked the station. (The station 
then went off the air.)

Just deleted the line before I sent my Cabrillo results in, so CQ won't try 
to count my call in the score. I assume they independently calculate the 
score. K4YKZ

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Subject: [ct-user] I am having a problem with using <fix_mine.exe>

> In the past CQ WW DX 2007 Contest and using CTWin 4.03.002 I entered my
> call in error as a station worked.  I can use some help in deleting my
> call from among the stations worked.  I used <fix_mine.exe> in a DOS
> computer with my CQWW2007,BIN file. The menu associated with
> <fix_mine.exe> came up and all appeared normal with a message saying "O
> W7UPF" which I assumed  meant my call had been removed but when the bin
> file was placed in the CTWin program and WRITECAB ran again my call
> still appears.  Any idea as to what to do now?
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