[ct-user] Time calculation CQWW-CW

pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at qwest.net
Tue Dec 2 18:25:53 EST 2008

1: I am curious how CT calculates time on air for CQWW - IE: is there a 
that is used before it thinks you are "off".

Reason I ask is my calcs say I was "on" 26.22 hours using a half hour as
being "off" - CT says I was "on" 20.8 hours "off" 26.9 hours.  ( I started 
about 15 minutes late).

2: By any chance is there a way to have CT replace a character at the cursor 
rather than having to put in a correction and delete the erroneous character 
or inversley delete at the cursor and the type the correct character ?

73 de Hank K7HP

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