[ct-user] Bandmap not Working with CTDOS in WIN 95 Laptop

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 04:48:00 EST 2008

It might have to do with screen size.  THe bandmap may be off 
screen.  There is a command line -RESET that will reset all windows to 800x600.

At 12/5/2008 03:52 AM, Dennis Vernacchia wrote:
>I acquired a neat little Toshiba Libretto CT50 Mini Laptop
>that has WIN95 OS on it
>I tried 2 versions of CTDOS   Ver 10.03.002  & 10.04.001
>both of which I have used on 2 other DOS computers and had no issues with
>Bandmap Window
>I boot directly into DOS on all these machines using F8 on boot up so I
>am not loading any windows drivers - Laptop goes staright to DOS window
>My other 2 computers are  running WIN98 and Bandmap works fine
>when I boot straight into DOS.
>With this Toshiba Libretto CT50, I am using COM1 for radio control and
>all other control functions work fine, ie, if i type in a freq in callsign
>radio QSYs fine and also radio changes mode for mixed mode contests when I
>hit Ctrl F1 or F2
>so I know the Libretto sees the radio
>With the Libretto Laptop, when I type Alt , ( Alt - Comma ) the Bandmap
>window does not appear
>I am sure I have run CTDOS in past from a WIN95 OS machine and Bandmap etc
>worked fine.
>I tried my Kenwood TS-850 and my K3 and running straight from DOS on bootup
>( No Windows Drivers loaded )
>I typed COMTSR1 -B4800 which has controlled both these radios in the past on
>my 2 other
>Anyone run into this where laptop controls radio but bandmap won't work ?
>Is this some weird issue because I am using the Libretto Mini Laptop ???
>I come out of DB-9 COM 1 port of the laptop with a W1GEE RS-232  interface
>when running the TS-850 and use a straight 9 pin serial cable with the K3 as
>K3 has interface built in.
>Any ideas on this propblem ? Does WIN95 have some issues on certain
>computers when running CTDOS ?
>73, Dennis N6KI
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