[ct-user] Custom Earbuds for Contesting Query

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 14:44:37 EST 2008

Hi All,

I would like to buy, if possible, a set of earbuds that fit into the ear
canal like
those shown at this web site


to use for ham station use as I find these type get more audio to my grey
and since I have Myofascial Pain and can not wear most headsets no matter
how comfortable
most people find them.
( Right now I use Heil BM-10,  light weight ones but I always find I am
pressing them to my ears on some sigs but if I try to wear ones that fit
or cover the ears or even the Mini Heil headsets etc, I wind up with a nasty
headache )
( Dave Clark Clamps would cause me a Migraine in minutes ! )

Anyway, I don't think I need a custom ear mold made but if it comes to that,
so be it
like some shown on this page


I have a set of earbuds like on the first page I referenced,... that were
made for IPODs
and they are very comfortable and only cost $20 at Frys Electronics and no
headaches anymore
from regular type headsets but the audio response is too wide on these.
( I know a custom set of earbuds would cost me 10X ( or more ) but that's
fine with me if they do the job )

BUT, the problem is their audio response is designed for MUSIC and have  too
wide of an audio bandwidth
and especially have too much Low End Audio response

And I see now that different Manufacturers are making Earbuds with noise
canceling and a little amp
that fits in your shirt pocket or clips on your lapel  and holds a AA
So how do I get a set with audio response tailored for CW and SSB work with
the high and low ends of the
audio curve trimmed off like most communications headsets  and may also have
noise canceling which
would be great for tuning out generator noise on Field Day etc

( I had a regular over the ear headset made for airlines so one could listen
to music while in flight
and found them to cut the FD generator noise out great but were too painful
to wear!
Now if only to get all this into an earbud type audio system !

73, Dennis N6KI

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