[ct-user] Custom Earbuds for Contesting Quer

k8isk at comcast.net k8isk at comcast.net
Thu Dec 18 15:43:35 EST 2008


Somehow I found myself owning a semi pro race team several years ago and we used 
custom earmolds for our driver, pit crew and me, the spotter. While they were 
WAY more comfortable to wear over the generic one size fits all ear plugs, I 
never tried them receiving cw or SSB sigs. The response on FM was fair at best, 
but with 36 race cars making lots of noise, it's hard to judge.

Find a local race track and find out who their radio supplier is. He can take 
impressions of your ears and have them made. They are less than $200 for the 
pair. Mine we all mono but you could probably request stereo.

Terry - W8ZN

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