[ct-user] Master partial check screen not visable

Rick Saeger k3oo at k3oo.com
Mon Nov 3 15:13:49 EST 2008

I had the same problem. You can not drag it back with the mouse.
 The -reset in the command line resolved the problem.

73, Rick K3OO

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You can use a mouse to drag it back.   Or start the program with 
-reset (I think) as a command line switch which will reset all the 
window locations.

At 11/3/2008 02:59 PM, aschnabolk wrote:
>Hi All,
>I did something and have no clue as to what, towards the end of SS 
>CW this weekend that caused my Master Partial check window (F12)to 
>go off the right side of the visible area of the screen. It was 
>visible and working fine for the first 22 hours. I can see that a 
>window is appearing and disappearing when I toggle F12, but not 
>enough is visible for me to try and drag it back to the viewing 
>area. The Check Section (F10), and Check Call (F8), work fine.
>When I create a new file,the Master Partial (F12) is again available 
>and works fine, if I return to the SSCW file used during the 
>contest, it's off the screen as before?
>It doesn't really matter at this point, but if it happens in the 
>middle of SS Phone, it would be a pain. Just trying to understand 
>what I did, and what to do if it happens down the road. Any help 
>would be appreciated.
>I'm using 10.03.002 at present.
>Thanks in advance and 73's
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