[ct-user] CT-time ver 10?

pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at qwest.net
Wed Nov 5 23:59:26 EST 2008

Due to a brain lock I managed to have my log times wrong by 2 hours in CWSS.

Am running ct ver 10.03.002 .

Went to the website - Support > CT10 support files > downloaded ct  dos 
tool.zip and extracted everything . Started ct-time from pure dos window but 
when the file comes up it says its for CT ver 9.

Decided to try entering the .bin file anyhow with -120 but just get a 
quarter page of error messages .
Computer is Win 98se - but was using the DOS command window.

So is ct-time the same for ver 9 and ver 10 ? If not where do I find ct-time 
for ver 10 ?

Thanks - Hank K7HP

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