[ct-user] CT-Time /b2r10/r2b10/cbr2ct

pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at qwest.net
Sat Nov 15 01:31:14 EST 2008

Previously I asked about how to run CT-Time for a DOS ver 10 file. I could 
only find a ver 9 Ct-time when I downloaded the CT-Tools for DOS. Chuck K0RF 
said he had same problem and used 10 to 9 , did the CT-Time and then 9 to 10 

I finally got to try this out - but no luck - for some weird
reason it keeps telling me my file is not a ver 10 yet the screen shows ver
10.03.002 whether I open it as a .bin file in W98se (still DOS) or go to the
pure DOS prompt and open the .bin file (I get exactly the same screen) and
it too says ver 10.03.002 !!!! (as a check I tried to open an 2007 .bin file 
and it says its is NOT a ver 10 file and I need to run  9 to 10 to look at 
it )

So I was looking thru hints and kinks and FAQ's etc etc again and found a 
that converts a .bin file to ascii (B2R10 and then reverse R2B10). Cannot 
that to run - says it does not recognize the file !!!Now that may be a 
operator error in files because for some reason in Windows the file name 
looks different from looking at it in the DOS directory .I tried both - and 
neither ran.

So looked some more and found yet anther approach - its a CBR2CT that is
supposed to change a  Cabrillo log file to a CT .bin file - so I have a
Cabrillo file from my EXCEL fix of my log and when I try to run this it says
CT doesn't support ARRL-SS-CW  (even though if you just run cbr2ct without
specifying a file , in the the list of supported files is EXACTLY
ARRL-SS-CW)  so obviously the program is reading Cab Ver 2.0 and gets to the
line with ARRL-SS-CW and hoses it for some reason.

 I tried out on a 2007 Cabrillo SSCW file I had submitted last year and it
did the same thing. So I guess its just send in my cabrillo  file and see
if ARRL robot accepts it and forget about having a fixed up .bin file.

But suggestions are welcome. (I have all the .exe and files in just the CT 
directory and I even took the .exe files out of folders to be sure it wasn't 
getting lost there. )

 73 de Hank K7HP

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