[ct-user] CT help needed

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 06:38:20 EST 2008

Is there a reason to be using V8 CT?  That is probably at least 10 if 
not 15 years old.  The current version is 10.04.01 and is available 
for free at www.k1ea.com   It should be no problem to boot up a 
computer into DOS with a floppy.  If you are going to store the data 
on the hard drive, then the drive should be a FAT file system.

At 11/24/2008 06:29 AM, Brad Anbro wrote:
>Hello all,
>I am currently using DOS-based CT, Ver. 8.21 and was
>wondering which files I need to update to make the
>program "current" for the contests that I operate?
>I use the CT program on an older HP workstation PC
>computer that has Windows 98SE as an operating
>system. An older ham friend of mine made a "DOS
>boot-up disk" on a 3-1/2" floppy to allow the program to
>start up & key the radio in CW contests. If I don't use
>this boot-up disk nd start it up from DOS, the program
>won't key the rig. I might add that I made a CW inter-
>face that uses LPT1 for keying the rig.
>Thank you very much for any help.
>73, Brad, N9EN @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL) [tm]...
>E-Mail: n9en at charter.net
>Home Phone: (815) 389-2648
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