[ct-user] CT and clocking under Windows XP

Richard w3rj at ptd.net
Wed Nov 26 19:38:41 EST 2008

I have been using CT (9 for DOS) for years but on older machines under 
the Windows 98SE OS.  I have up-graded my PC hardware and now have two 
newer machines running under Windows XP.  CT works fine on these machine 
with the exception of the clock-time stamp information.  While the PCs 
do keep the correct time, once CT is launched the CT clock runs slow 
with respect to real time.  After a few hours the displayed CT time lags 
the real time by several minutes.  I can easily lose an hour over 
night.  This is a disaster for a weekend contest.

Has anyone else observed this issue?  If so, is there a fix?

I would try the latest version of CT (10) or even CTWIN but I understand 
that the log format is not the same as the one used in CT9 and I'm not 
thrilled about doing a lot of conversions.

Thank you,
Rich W3RJ

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