[ct-user] CTWIN keying via USB port on an XP laptop

K1ZM at aol.com K1ZM at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 06:38:50 EST 2009

Hi Folks
Jeff K1ZM here.
I have seen traffic on this subject on this  reflector recently which is of 
keen interest to me just now.  But  I did not see the key question really 
Is there any KNOWN adapter cable device out there that will allow CTWIN  
running on WINDOWS XP to key a modern radio via a USB to LPT interface  cable?  By 
this I mean a USB to Parallel port adapter cable that will  actually handle 
the CTWIN keying function properly to a modern radio using  direct CW keying.
Or will the lack of an interrupt function still screw things up?
Is WINKEY or WINKEYUSB the only REAL way around this problem?
Can anyone who has done this WITHOUT winkey please advise the specific  cable 
and source for it - if such a thing exists?
Many thanks.
_K1ZM at aol.com_ (mailto:K1ZM at aol.com)  
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