[ct-user] CTWIN keying via USB port on an XP laptop

Lup Schlueter dj7sw at kcag.de
Tue Feb 10 12:14:26 EST 2009

of topic here (hi)

Hi folks!

the answer one is:  CT is a DOS program.CTWIN is a DOS derivat under 
Windows(means no USB sri))
the answer two is:  try WIN-TEST!
This pgm is made for those old  CT- beliver. It has  all
commands at the same keys as CT. (But if you willing to
learn, there is much more.....)

55 de DJ7SW alias DL0KF who used CT fm V4 ....to....V10

look here: http://www.win-test.com/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=1300
No manual reader read here: 

> Is there any KNOWN adapter cable device out there that will allow CTWIN  
> running on WINDOWS XP to key a modern radio via a USB to LPT interface  cable?  By 
> this I mean a USB to Parallel port adapter cable that will  actually handle 
> the CTWIN keying function properly to a modern radio using  direct CW keying.

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