[ct-user] K3 radio control from a laptop without COMPORTS

K1ZM at aol.com K1ZM at aol.com
Thu Feb 12 06:34:07 EST 2009

Hi All
I am trying to use CTWIN running on an XP laptop to control a K3  radio.
The laptop has no comports nor lpt port on it - only 3 USB ports.
The K3 comes with a USB to serial port adapter cable that is used to set a  
template of memories in the radio.  This works FINE on the laptop - so the  
cable is GOOD.
I cannot make this cable work with CTWIN though to control the radio -  
WINDOWS system folder says the serial port is assigned COM6.
I set the SETUP file in CT to COM6 at 4800 baud.  The K3 RS232 port is  set 
to 4800 baud.
I selected K3 as RADIO 1 in the CT WIN setup mask.
But nothing happens over on the radio when I boot up the BIN file.
It is DEAD.
Is this an issue where CT(even CT WIN) cannot interface to a USB  port?
I think this may work using a PCMCIA card - I haven't tried that way yet to  
derive a COMPORT on the laptop.  I know one time I did try this and it  worked 
on CTWIN to make a NETWORK over to CTWIN running on a WIN 98 Machine in  
windows mode.
Is this a USB issue and CTWIN being incompatible?
But can you please comment on what you think?

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