[ct-user] K3 radio control from a laptop without COMPORTS

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Thu Feb 12 07:11:56 EST 2009

Jeff .... I think your problem is trying to use COM6.  If you go through the
CT-WIN Menu Setup, the only COM Port Choices are COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4.
I think you would be more successful configuring CT-WIN by stepping though
that setup process.

If your USB to Serial Converter installed itself on COM6, and you have no
COM4, for example, you can easily CHANGE THE COM PORT ASSIGNMENT.  Go to:

2) Click on the "+" next to PORTS (COM & LPT)
3) Double-click on the USB to Serial Adapter that was assigned COM6
4) Click on the PORT SETTINGS Tab
5) Click on the ADVANCED Button
6) In the COM PORT NUMBER Drop-down Box, change the Port Number to a COM
   Port Number you know is not actually in use.  I would recommend you use
   COM 3 or COM4 and not COM2
7) Then go back through the Menu Setup and select that COM Port for RADIO1
   At 4800 Baud.

BTW, my K3 works FB at 38400 Baud.  I'd set CTWIN and the K3 both at 38400.

Bottom line is that just because a particular COM Port assignment is made
doesn't mean that it can't be changed.  The only requirement is that the new
COM Port not be in use elsewhere.

73 ---> Dave, W9ZRX

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Hi All
I am trying to use CTWIN running on an XP laptop to control a K3  radio.
The laptop has no comports nor lpt port on it - only 3 USB ports.
The K3 comes with a USB to serial port adapter cable that is used to set a  
template of memories in the radio.  This works FINE on the laptop - so the  
cable is GOOD.
I cannot make this cable work with CTWIN though to control the radio -  
WINDOWS system folder says the serial port is assigned COM6.
I set the SETUP file in CT to COM6 at 4800 baud.  The K3 RS232 port is  set 
to 4800 baud.
I selected K3 as RADIO 1 in the CT WIN setup mask.
But nothing happens over on the radio when I boot up the BIN file.
It is DEAD.
Is this an issue where CT(even CT WIN) cannot interface to a USB  port?
I think this may work using a PCMCIA card - I haven't tried that way yet to

derive a COMPORT on the laptop.  I know one time I did try this and it
on CTWIN to make a NETWORK over to CTWIN running on a WIN 98 Machine in  
windows mode.
Is this a USB issue and CTWIN being incompatible?
But can you please comment on what you think?

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