[ct-user] Remapping Keys on a Keyboard in CT DOS

K1ZM at aol.com K1ZM at aol.com
Sun Feb 15 08:06:26 EST 2009


Can anyone please tell me the procedure to remap keys on a keyboard in CTDOS?

Some changes were made by a guest op several yrs ago and I cannot recall the 
keystroke sequence now......

Here's what I need to do:

REMAP the PLUS (+) key function to its original PLUS key value on the PLUS 
REMAP the HOME KEY to its original HOME KEY Value on the HOME KEY

Leave the + key where it currently resides (as well as on the PLUS key) - it 
is now on the semicolon key.

I assume this is done within the CT DOS directory at the C:> prompt - right?

Any 'alp here?

Many thanks.

73 JEFF  K1ZM at aol.com

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