[ct-user] Is ALT-F broken for CT-WIN 10.04.001 ?

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Tue Mar 10 07:40:10 PDT 2009

The best way to deal with DST is what we did when the time shift spanned 
the CQWW SSB contest. Before the contest set your computer for to UTC 
with DST turned off. Go to the Control Panel and select Data and Time. 
Change time to GMT and unclick the the automatic DST time.

R Johnson wrote:
> During the ARRL DX SSB contest last weekend I had to edit the QOS times
> using  "ALT-F" on the first few Q's that I had entered by hand.
> The Q's entered before the "DST changeover" were +5 hours from the correct UTC time.
> The Q's entered after the "DST changeover" were +4 hours from the correct UTC time.
> This morning I entered a couple of Q's in a "Test" log and then edited the Time
> and Date. The Time was +4 Hrs. and the Date wouldn't change.
I just trying this on an XP box running CT Win and it seemed to work. 
The editing feature inside the box is clumsy, but does work
> Then I opened a copy of my ARRL DX SSB log with CT-DOS 10.04.001 and tried
> to edit the log.
> First CT-DOS would not read the opening page of the CT-WIN file (name, addy,
> club) stuff correctly. I thought both DOS and WIN files were the same.
CT and CTWin are supposed to be .bin file compatible. After it wouldn't 
load, how did you succeed?. Do you have a copy of the .bin that refused 
to load, for me to debug?
> Tried to edit the Time/Dates with "ALT-F" and it worked correctly.
Did you fic the date ussing CT Dos Or CT Windows?
> Can anyone verify my finding or tell me what I might have done wrong before
> I submit a "Bug Report" to Ken ???
> PS: I've been using CT since Ver 5.07, so I'm not a newbie :-) !!!
> TNX es 73
> Bob, K1VU
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