[ct-user] Need AR10 files for XE states

Charles W. Shaw chasshaw at leaco.net
Mon Dec 6 09:32:02 PST 2010

John, N2MTG wrote:
>Could you please send me the files for the ARRL 10 M contest that I 
>need for the states in Mexico.
>I looked for them on the CT website and did not see them.

K0TI, Dan, was the main honcho getting this worked out and 
posted.  He deserves the credit.  I will quote what he sent:
"I did not do extensive testing, only enough to come to the above
conclusions. I tested this with version 10.04.01 for DOS, I assume the CTWIN
version would act the same. Further testing might reveal other problems.
I have placed a copy of the ar10.dat I experimented with on the web.

A screen shot:
As you can see I just put the XE states in the places where there were
blanks before. A complete change in the layout could be done, but you are
limited to 12 columns and 10 rows in any case.
The cab file it makes

The SPECIAL cty.dat file:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2760336/cty.dat "

I have tested these with my latest version CTWin and can see no 
problems; however, I only do CW.  But I doubt that going SSB or Mixed 
will create any problems either.  Good luck, have fun, and I hope to 
see you there.

Chas - N5UL
Hobbs, NM 

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