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Dan Karg d.karg at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 14:31:09 PST 2010

 Depending on how you want to do it there are 2 ways of making this work. I
have not tried either way recently however.

I'm assuming you want to back up to maybe a flash drive or a removable hard
drive (usb device). This should work to any device.

1. Make the removable device the A: drive. 
    Using these instructions change the letter of the drive in question to


2. Using the SUBST.EXE command make a virtual A: drive in a directory on the
other removable drive.
    Assuming the removable drive is F:
    Make a directory on the F: drive (any name) I used "adrive"
    C:\> mkdir f:\adrive

    Use the subst.exe command to point make a virtual drive
    C:\> subst a: f:\adrive

    This will now give you an A: drive that points to the directory on the
f: drive.
    C:\> dir a:
     Volume in drive A is FLASH
     Volume Serial Number is C8CA-B605

      Directory of A:\

      12/18/2009  08:19 PM    <DIR>          .
      12/18/2009  08:19 PM    <DIR>          ..
       06/20/2006  09:19 AM           359,309 fileonf.tst
               1 File(s)        359,309 bytes
               2 Dir(s)     849,313,792 bytes free

    To remove this substitution
    C:\> subst a: /d

  Good Luck

Dan K0TI 

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Can anybody please tell me how I can use the "autosave" feature in my CT
during this weekends contest if I don't have a drive A to put a floppy disc

My HP Pavilion only has two CD/DVD drives, but no floppy...


Jon k8ly
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