[ct-user] autosave

R.T.Liddy k8bl at ameritech.net
Wed Mar 3 15:47:45 PST 2010

Why not just pick up a USB External Floppy Drive?  Best Buy has
them for about 40 bucks and you can probable find them on the net
for half that.  I have one that I use with either my laptop or desktop
whichever needs a floppy at the moment. The systems automatically
assign it as Drive A when you plug it in.
73/GL,   Bob K8BL

--- On Wed, 3/3/10, Jon Kovacs <jkovacs at neo.rr.com> wrote:

From: Jon Kovacs <jkovacs at neo.rr.com>
Subject: [ct-user] autosave
To: ct-user at contesting.com
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 4:59 PM

Can anybody please tell me how I can use the "autosave" feature in my CT during this weekends contest if I don't have a drive A to put a floppy disc into?

My HP Pavilion only has two CD/DVD drives, but no floppy...


Jon k8ly
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