[ct-user] problem with install

Henry Eveland kc2ta at verizon.net
Tue Jan 4 02:59:26 PST 2011

Okay, I've been trying to install CT-Win on my Dell Pentium laptop running
XP.  Unfortunately, after install when I try to run the software, I get a
message that msvcr73.dll can't be found and to either find the file or try a


The file exists on my computer, I have tried to copy the file into the CT
directory with the rest of the CT files after the completion of the install,
but still can't run the program.


Anyone help me out with a fix?  I'm trying to use the laptop for contesting
because my main computer does not have an LPT port and the com port is taken
up for rig control.  Additionally, the mobility issue when running portable
or rover during contests.


Thanks & 73,



Hank, KC2TA



Henry G. Eveland

24 Jared Drive 

Robbinsville, NJ  08691

609-903-1285 (C)




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