[ct-user] CT for NAQP ALERT

Charles W. Shaw chasshaw at leaco.net
Sun Jan 9 11:50:02 PST 2011

         If you used CT for the NAQP CW test be aware that although 
your  .ALL   file will show the North American countries (entities) 
correctly, the  .LOG  (Cabrillo) file generated by the program will 
not correctly identify the north American countries.  This includes 
KP4's, KP2's, XE's and others.  They will probably be identified only 
as "DX" in your Cabrillo if your program is like my latest version of CTWin.

         It can be a pain, but I went through my .CBR and adjusted 
the "DX" to XE, etc. manually using Notepad.

         For reference see the recent "NAQP Logging Guidance" where 
Bruce reminds us:
"For North American countries, other than the US and Canada, use the 
standard ARRL DXCC entity prefixes. Other abbreviations are 
acceptable as long as they unambiguously designate the QTH.  . . .. A 
blank or "DX" for the copied QTH is only acceptable for logging QSOs 
with stations outside of North America."
         I hope you had fun, and thanks for the QSO's.  HNY.

Chas - N5UL
Hobbs, NM 

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