[ct-user] Call for Logs for VHF Super Partial Check Database

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Fri May 6 21:42:47 PDT 2011

I will soon be working on a late May or early June release of the VHF Super
Partial Check and VHF Prefill Databases.  

A good friend, N4XI, has written comprehensive processing software for this
year.  I plan to use it to "zero base" the Database to include only calls
from 2009, 2010 and Jan 2011 ARRL VHF and CQ VHF Contest Logs.  Last year's
release contained information dating back to 2005.

The processing software develops separate Super Partial Check and Prefill
Tables.  Rovers, Portable, and Mobile stations are included in the Super
Partial Check Table, but are NOT added to the Prefill Table.  The Prefill
Table is then searched for Calls shown in Multiple Grid Squares.  Often this
is a result of individual logging errors.  The software shows the number of
occurrences of each Grid Square combination.  At this point the call can be
further researched in both Buckmaster and QRZ Databases.  The occurrence
felt to be in error can de deleted from the Table, or Grid Square manually
edited.  I’d prefer to have no data rather than bad data.  The Database
contains some DX Calls, but predominantly contains K, VE, and XE calls.

When all the “dupes” have been adjudicated, the software produces a variety
of Files that support Super Check Partial for CT, KC6TEU, N1MM, NA,
RoverLog, UcxLog, VHFLOG/KM Rover, Win-Test, and WriteLog Contest Logging
Software, and Prefill Files usable with N1MM, RoverLog, and Win-Test.  The
Database Files are accessible at   www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/  .  The trailing "/"
is important.
Needless to say, because of VHF Propagation, it’s necessary to get as many
logs as possible from as many areas of the US as possible.  I want the
Database to be useful throughout the US – not just one region.  The more
logs, the better.  I would especially like to increase the number of logs
from the Great Plain States, the Pacific Northwest, and California.

Logs are maintained in confidence and are not shared.  Actually the
processing software ignores the Log headers and only processes records
starting with QSO:.

If you have not previously done so, please E-mail me your Cabrillo Files for
any of the 2009, 2010, and January 2011 ARRL and CW VHF Contests.

Thanks and 73 – Dave, W9ZRX

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