[ct-user] Sincere thanks

Malcolm McLeman malcolm.mcleman at free.fr
Tue May 10 02:58:10 PDT 2011

Sincerest thanks to all who responded to my request on my LG thinkpad laptop screen size.
Sadly I drew a blank and think it is now time to move on ie Win Test, that someone recommended.
K1EA has given me it's best shot for almost twenty years from my original IBM PS2 30mb hard drive and one floppy drive running MSDOS.
I actually keyed my trusty FT101b on cw by removing the piezo sounder from the PS2 and fitting a relay in it's place with perfect keying.
Happy days!!
Now on with the motely to pastures new and hope to see you in whatever contest we meet in the future.
Thank you K1EA.




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