[Hooper] Hooper DNA project

AB4RU at aol.com AB4RU at aol.com
Sat Mar 8 07:24:22 EST 2003

Hi Wade,

I just looked at the updated DNA results and see that the James Hooper (1776) 
that married Jamima Bankson matched Obediah's line with a 12 count marker. I 
always thought he would have been from Absalom's family group since he was 
from Georgia. Since Obediah's children is well documented, could this be a 
collateral line from a brother of Obediah? That group should consider 
upgrading to the 24 marker test. What do you think Diane? 


I would also like to see someone from the Louisiana or Mississippi Hoopers 
come forward for testing. I thought that their Thomas Hooper ancestor was 
part of Absalom's group but I am not sure since James goes back to Obediah. 
Anyone on this list from the Louisiana Hoopers?


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