NA Problems w/DVP and COM ports
Thu, 5 Oct 95 17:04:28 EDT

In response to messages from KD1NG and others, I want to explain the situation
concerning NA and use with a DVP.

Shortly after releasing NA with DVP support, we began receiving reports of
the program crashing when used with a computerized radio.  Upon investigation,
we discovered that activating a serial port with NA for any purpose (radio,
TNC, link, etc.) will cause the crash.  The exact cause is a mystery, because
each crash seems to cause differing error messages, however it appears to be
some sort of fundamental DOS conflict.

Here's the rub - NA is constructed from code the K8CC writes and also code
libraries from third party suppliers. The serial port routines fall into this
category, purchased from a supplier in GA.  I have called K1EA for suggestions
although he was sympathetic, he could not offer advice.  The same thing
happens when I call the supplier of the COM libraries, since he does not know
how K1EA's DVPTSR works, and K1EA does not know how the COM libraries work.

Where does this leave NA?  Well, what we need are new COM routines that will
not conflict with DVPTSR.  I am currently looking for such routines, and any
advice would be appreciated.  If not successful, then I guess K8CC will need
to create his own COM routines (a task which I don't cherish).

I don't want people to think that K8CC/LTA are ignoring the DVP problem, but

there is no simple, short term solution.  To answer KD1NG's query, it is
doubtful that NA will be fixed by CQWW or SS unless I can find a new COM
library to use.  If that does not work out, I expect to spend a big chunk
of the Christmas holiday working to create a new set of COM routines.

I regret the problems this has caused for the NA users, and I am actively
looking for a solution.  I ask your patience in the meantime.

73, Dave/K8CC

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