New COUNTRY.DAT file released for NA

reisert reisert
Thu, 12 Oct 95 13:26:22 -0400

New country files dated 10/12/95 10:37 have been released.

You can get them from:

1.  Send a message to, and in the body of
    the message put one or more of the following commands:

	GET country.dat
	GET history.cty

    NACTY.ZIP will be sent UUencoded, and includes the first two files.

2   Download NACT1095.ZIP from the NA BBS (412-528-8877).

Here are the release notes from the last couple of revisions.  Note that 
African Italy, IG9, was added to the country files in April.

Send questions to me, not the reflector.

73 - Jim AD1C

25-Apr-95	* Added Italian Africa for CQWW (K3EST).
(CTY-503)	* Added 4U9Q to callsign list for Zaire, 9Q.
		* Added TO5G to prefix list for Guadeloupe, FG.
		* Added TO2DX to callsign list for Martinique, FM.
		* Added TO7I to callsign list for St. Pierre & Miquelon, FP.
		* Added KL9K to prefix list for Korea, HL.
		* Added AH7, KH7, NH7 and WH7 to prefix list for Hawaii, KH6.
		* Changed prefixes for Kure, KH7, to AH7K, KH7K, NH7K, WH7K.
		* Changed prefixes for Alaska, KL7, to AL, KL, NL, WL.
		* Added KP3, NP3, WP3 to prefix list for Puerto Rico, KP4.
		* Added 4U/KC0PA to callsign list for Western Sahara, S0.
		* Removed old-style Russian prefixes beginning with R.
		* Added VY9CC (VE3) and VY9QR (VE5) to callsign list for
		  Canada, VE.
		* Added VP8CSE to callsign list for S. Orkney, VP8/o.
		* Simplified prefixes for Yugoslavia, YU.

12-Oct-95:	* Added BV9S to prefix list for Spratley, 1S. (K3ZO)
(CTY-504)	* Added 3D2AA, 3D2HI, 3D2HK, 3D2ID, 3D2KZ, 3D2MU and 3D2SH
		  to callsign list for Rotuma, 3D2/r (OPDX225).
		* Added 4U50VIC to callsign list for 4U1V, United Nations OE.
		* Removed prefix XR0Z from Juan Fernandez, CE0Z.
		  This will make it come up as Easter I., CE0A. (KK6EK)
		* Added UA3YH/KC4 to callsign list for Antarctica, CE9
		* Added TO5M to prefix list for St. Pierre, FP.
		  Changed TO5M under FM, Martinique, to TO5MM. (K9GS)
		* Added TO9IS to callsign list for French Guyana, FY.
		* Added GB5SI to callsign list for GM/Shetlands. (WZ1R)
		* Added JW2FL to callsign list for Bear I., JW7.
		* Added KG4AN, KG4CM, KG4MN and KG4NR to callsign list
		  for Guantanamo, KG4.
		* Added KG6ASO to callsign list for Marianas, KH0.
		* Added T8 to prefix list for Belau, KC6.
		  Removed T8 from prefix list for South Africa, ZS.
		* Added 4U/RW3AH to callsign list for Yugoslavia, YU.
		* Added VK9NM to callsign list for Lord Howe, VK9L.

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