Sun, 3 Sep 1995 19:19:11 -0400

I have several questions regarding NA that I would appreciate having
answers/comment from anyone with knowledge/experience.

1. Is the Top Ten Devices "Band Decoder" properly configured for NA's LPT? We
want to  "slave" the Dunestar Model 600 Multi-Band Filter to the computer.
Apparently this is being done with CT but I've not heard anyone specificaly
report on using NA. 

2. Isn't there a product marketed by LTA which embodies the NA Band Control
Interface? I seem to recall something about it from Dayton. Is it essentially
the same as the Top Ten Devices unit? If not, what are the differences? (I
can't find it advertised or in any literature I have on hand.)

3. According to the NA manual, the binary data from NA containing the band
information is on pins 2-6 & 25. Does this mean that the same LPT port can
simultaneously be used for Xcvr keying and paddle input, i.e. pins 12,13,
17,18,23 & 1. (This is going to be very important for laptops)

4. Will there be a conflict in the "Setup" of NA when the paddle input, Xcvr
keying and "Ant Control" are all assigned to LPT1? (When try to set up NA
with this choice,. it bombs out on me!)

These are all significant to our planned CQ WW CW trip to VP2M (which may or
may not exist by the end of November...) But I got detailed to work out the
"neat" computer control stuff (using laptops no less).... The serial port
problems are next.


73, Joe, W5ASP

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