NA w/Omni VI

James White
Mon, 4 Sep 95 20:17 EST

Spent this afternoon trying to get the '486 to talk with the Omni
VI...things started off rough, but ended well.

Point number one - use the wiring diagram in the NA manual (not the one in
the Ten Tec manual) is vastly different, the Ten Tec manual has 4
wires vs NA saying 5 wires....bottom line, the two are conversing fine at
9600 baud using the NA manual diagram, uggggh, relief!


OK - now the two are talking, what is the day to day regular operating
software you users of NA are using? I gather there are about 5 major players
here, my concern is a package that works between the computer and Omni VI
using the same interface cable as I made today for that same kinda computer
follows (or leads) rig stuff. The logging program should also track awards,
print labels for QSLs, and serve as a database (so I can remember your name)
and, it must be able to be configurable for three different operators, and
their calls. Suggestions?


Other than Top Ten devices, is there another company manufacturing "band
decoders" for remote antenna selection? I seem to remember K3LR/LTA had some
kinda deal...Timster?


I didn't put the rig through battle simulation today, but can see that this
computer/rig interface thing will be VERY helpful for moving
multipliers...just typing in a frequency and hitting enter and watching
everything click into place is nothing short of you can tell
from the above, I want my antennas to join the quick qsy parade.

Any help?

                                Jim, K1ZX

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