DVP/Radio/NA Crashes

Setzler setzler@c813.npt.nuwc.navy.mil
5 Sep 1995 11:34:09 U

I FINALLY got the IF-10B into the TS940 and was all set to do NAQP.  Using
K1EA DVP (which has worked fine w/ NA v9.16 in pre-rig control configuration),
486, NA v9.16,   etc.  

Enter OPON and call sign and >return< and NA crashes big time all the time.  
I'm not hanging a TNC on the computer during a test,  just the DVP and the
radio.   Based on a couple of Cluster spots right after the test, I was not
the only one having this problem.

I seem to recall some previous postings from and regarding a similar (I think)
problem experienced by AA4NU having to do with COM port and disk cache
conflicts.   Has the problem been resolved?  How can I get it to work properly
(as intended)?  What do I need to do, eh????


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