ADMIN: WWW Page for Operating Skills

Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP)
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 00:45:53 -0700

Something I've wanted to do for a long time now is set up a web page
devoted to *operating*. A common theme on this (and the contest) list
has been "listen to the Olde Fartes, for they have knowledge." In some
cases this actually turns out to be true :-)

I would like to start collecting some of that wisdom and place it online.

One of the more popular topics has been: how do I get a *#@! QSL out
of XY0FOO?  I know there are people on the DX list who can provide a lot of
experience and advice on this one! "Contesting 101" is another popular
topic. (Have any of you *not* followed the recent "when and how to sign
your call" discussion on the contest list? :-)  SSTV? VHF DX? QRO? They
all have their quirks. The "hot" operators of today only got there on
the shoulders of their mentors.

Nearly everyone reading these lists does so because they want to learn.
But if everyone just listens, the list (and the web site, and the
ham community at large) soon starts looking (and sounding) like 10m.
The band may be open, but if nobody calls CQ there won't be any contacts.

So why do this here? Glad you asked :-)

You may have seen some of the online "amateur radio magazines" that
have popped up on the Web over the last six months. It seems like
every one of them has turned into a commercial advertising forum
with nothing but ad's. And with the exception of a few sites, most of
the ham radio web pages are just links to other sites containing links
to other sites, ...  Once you go through 25 levels of recursion you
just feel like turning off the computer. One of the goals I had in
setting up this site was to provide *original* material for the
ham community. Doing this requires *input* from the ham community.
I've seen some pretty bright people post insightful information to
the lists here; I know you're out there. How about sharing your knowledge
in a more permanent setting?

Obviously, writing for the web site doesn't pay as well as writing for
the ham rags. (Although the difference is pretty small.) Considering
the information you have *received* from the lists and the web server,
this shouldn't be an issue, anyway. Why not spend some time contributing
back to the ham community?

There are *many* subjects that could be covered:

	* What are the tricks involved in getting a QSL from a
	  rare DX station?

	* How not to p***-off a QSL manager

	* Why it's important for the "little-gun" stations to
	  send in a contest log!

	* Station grounding (or: No More TVI!)

	* Why AX25 BBSs are eeevil :-)

	* How do I get <mumble>log to run under Windows95?

	* The joys of 6m DXing

	* *Effectively* using the Packet Cluster network

	* Getting the most bang-for-the-buck using city-lot antennas

	* 0 - 60 in 58 seconds: CW for the musically impaired


Get the drift? Crank up your copy of Word Putrid and have at it!
Share the wealth! Fame and fortune await! (Well, maybe a link in
the Lycos index ...)  Ideas, comments, submissions, whatever, to
me via private e-mail, please. (Don't CC the lists.) If your English
won't pass the parser, but your C (or FORTRAN :-) will, don't be shy!
I have plans for you, too :-)

Finally, based on the recent feedback I've received about the system, I'm thinking about setting up a new mailing
list for the purpose of discussing where the system should go in
the future. Let me know if you're interested in joining. (Beware that
proposing an idea will usually make you the project leader :-)

--lyndon (still trying to find time to get the Drake back on the air ...)

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