NEW NA 9.29

Fri, 26 Apr 1996 15:48:43 -0400

26 APR 1996
                    NA RELEASE 9.29 IS NOW AVAILABLE
NA version 9.29 is now available on the LTA BBS.  This is a new 
version has several new features, including some developed to 
support contests such as the Texas QSO Party.
The following new features have been added:
    - KC6 and KG4 calls that are five digits long (i.e., 2 X 2) 
      are scored as DX, otherwise KC6 & KG4 count as USA.  There 
      is more need to have specific KC6 and KG4 calls entered in 
      the country tables for correct scoring.
    - A program option was added to allow working a station again 
      as they move from location to location using the same call.
    - The MULTIPLIER ABBREVIATION LIST window (Alt-L) now updates 
      automatically if it is open as you type into the QTH field 
      (like AUTO-CHECK-PARTIAL, only to help find unfamiliar 
      multiplier abbreviations).
    - The MULTIPLIER LIST screen (Alt-M) now scrolls rather than 
      overflows with very large multiplier lists.
    - Templates and multiplier files for the Texas QSO Party are 
      included (tnx KB5YVT & KI3L for contest info and Texas 
      County list).
      If you have any questions, you can call 412-528-5357 most 
      evenings or EMAIL
LTA  and Dave/K8CC

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