NA Bug Fix Status
Tue, 2 Jul 96 12:30:19 EDT

Thanks to everyone who contributed NA 10 bug reports.  Fortunately, there
were only a few.  This message is to inform the user community what has been
fixed, and the availability of the new version.


- In a multi-computer network using packet, the Packet Window would only open
  on the LOCAL computer - fixed (tnx to WA0DYJ and the W4IY VHF crew).

- In the Equipment Configuration window of CONFIG, when the Paddle Port was
  selected then the box closed, the Paddle Port chosen was not shown correct-
  ly, although the choice from the box was correctly selected.  CONFIG 1.02
  fixes this (tnx N4XM).

- NAQSL would not print.  This was a compiler problem, now fixed in NAQSL
  3.11 (tnx W4TYU, K5WA).

- The Date Format selected in the LABELS window did not apply to certain
  functions.  Example: if you selected YYYY/MM/DD, then went to edit the
  date/time of the QSO, the format would be the DOS default (MM/DD/YYYY).
  The selected Date Format now applies across all date-related operations.
Reported, but no trouble found:

- Network LOOP mode was reported broken, however LOOP mode was tested OK
  in two separate tests.  User later reported LOOP worked OK by starting
  with a new .QDF file.

- Beam heading reported inaccurate compared to NA 9.  This was check back
  to 9.00, results were exactly the same.  Hint: your latitude/longitude
  (which was saved in the .QDF file for NA9) must be set using CONFIG for
  NA10.  Maybe for next version we'll flag an error message if your lat/
  long is not set in CONFIG, it will only affect people operating at the
  North Pole (lat=0/long=0).

- Some users have reported that a "K" shows up in the QTH field mysteriously
  in certain contests when the call is entered and you spacebar to the
  QTH field.  This has been reported in ARRL 160 and Field Day.  None of the
  computers at K8CC will do this, however I did see this on the NA demo
  computer at Dayton '96.  Does not seem to interfere with successful
  operation, but we're trying to track this down and any reports would be
  appreciated.  Please include: NA version, is XMS in use, and contest type.

- I have a third hand report that OpOn/OpOff does not work correctly, also
  sometimes that with multiple operators (using OpOn/OpOff) the DVP messages
  get mixed together.  I can't confirm this at the moment because my DVP is
  not installed in a computer.  Users please be aware of this if you're gonna
  use a DVP in IARU.  I will look into this after IARU/WRTC.
The bug fixes mentioned above will be corrected in NA 10.04 which should
be available on the NA BBS by Thursday, 7/4/96.  In an effort to get all
the NA 10 users up to date, new disks will be mailed by Saturday, 7/6/96.

Hope to work lots of NA users in the IARU/WRTC.  I will be masquerading
behind one of the WRTC 1x1 calls.  Good luck to all.

73, Dave/K8CC

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