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Tue, 1 Apr 1997 20:52:56 -0800

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Sent:  Saturday, March 29, 1997 9:44 PM
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You may recall that I was having problems with the SPOTS options, and
since I was the only one you figured I may have suffered from a bad download
from LTA and you e-mailed me the NA.EXE from NA 10.16. I responded that
that seemed to cure the problem.

I may have been too hasty, but now it is even more weird. I started WPX and
called up SPOTS, liked it and <ESC>. No problem. Later on, however, I decided
that I wanted to change some of the options. When I hit CTRL+ENTER, the original
problem manifested itself - the hard drive just kept running, the keyboard locked up,
and SPOTS just stayed on the screen. I rebooted and went on.

After a break, I reloaded NA.EXE from your e-mail. Everything worked correctly,
whether I changed an option or didn't. HOWEVER, when I went in to make the
SECOND change, the same problem reoccurred! Again, no failure messages.

Any ideas? 

73, Bob AA0CY
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