[na-user] NA Paddle Port

NB1B@aol.com NB1B@aol.com
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 12:35:06 -0500 (EST)

I am a recent convert to NA.  I currently have NA 10.15 with Config 1.04.
 The program has been set up for use with a W9XT contest card that is
configured as LPT2.  I can key the transmitter thru the contest card without
any problems using either the CW memories (F1-F7) or the keyboard (Alt-K).
 From my observations on the schematic of the Contest Card, I can't use the
paddle port input on a DB25 connected to the contest card; the needed pins
are used by the contest card for other uses.  So I wired up another DB25 for
the LPT1; never using a printer during a contest, LPT1 was available.  The
DB25 was wired for the paddle input, and the paddle input was selected as
LPT1 in the config program.  I have CW keying on LPT2, and paddle input on
LPT1.  Unfortunately, I can't get the paddles to send CW using that

I reviewed my wiring and connections and find it is all wired correctly.  Am
I doing something wrong?  Does the program support this configuration?  Any
suggestions greatly appreciated.  BTW, all my other COM ports are full which
is why the LPT1 choice in the first place.

Dennis  NB1B 

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