[na-user] Separate Paddle and Keying Ports

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 09:47:04 -0400

     Dennis, NB1B recently wrote about problems he was having getting the
     NA CW paddle input working on a separate port along with a W9XT
     Contest Card.  NA is designed such a configuration like this should
     work OK - here are some notes that might help:

     1) This is obvious, but did you change the paddle selection in CONFIG
     to LPT1?

     2) PC clones are somewhat confusing in how they identify LPT ports.
     There are three possible internal addresses for LPT ports: $3BC, $378,
     and $278.  When the PC boots up, it checks these addresses in the
     order shown - the first one it finds it calls LPT1, the second it
     calls LPT2, and the last it calls LPT3.  This can cause confusion in
     the setup, because almost all I/O expansion cards use $378 for LPT1
     and $278 for LPT2 (the W9XT card is this way), while printer ports on
     monochrome video cards use $3BC for LPT1.  How is this a problem?
     Consider this example:

     Computer #1 has ports @ $378 & $278: $378 is LPT1 and $278 is LPT2

     Computer #2 has ports @ $3BC & $378: $3BC is LPT1 and $378 is LPT2

     In one case, the expansion card set for LPT1 ($378) is truly LPT1 but
     in the other case it's really LPT2!

     This does not really explain Dennis' problem, but it might be helpful
     to go into the Microsoft Diagnostics program (MSD.EXE in the DOS
     directory) and verify that you truly have two printer ports that are
     not conflicting with each other.  NA uses the port addresses as
     defined by the computer BIOS during the address search, so if there
     are no port conflicts, things should work OK.

     3) W9XT has an application note on adding paddle inputs to a W9XT
     card.  Contact him at ppvvpp@mixcom.com for info.

     73, Dave/K8CC

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