[na-user] New Stuff on the DATOM WWW Reflector

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Fri, 8 Aug 1997 23:25:25 -0500 (CDT)

To: ALL NA Users

Just this week, a couple of promised items were posted up to the DATOM Engineering Web Site at http://www.contesting.com/datom:

1) New MLTZIP.ZIP Archive of Multiplier (*.MLT) Files

The ARRL sections file (SECTIONS.MLT) now has the new Newfoundland-Labrador (NL) section added.  Also, thanks to Chris Allingham, VE3FU (who's not even an NA user!), all of the files have extensive corrections for all of the unusual Canadian prefixes.  Did you know that CZ3 or XO9 prefixes are the same as VO1?  Which brings up an interesting point - no matter what you might have read in the QST Contest Corral, multipliers for the NA Sprint are still "the eight VE call areas".  In light of the new prefix information, it seems ludacrous to me that a CZ5 counts as VE1 and an XN3 counts as VE8!  Does this strike anyone else as strange?

2) The DATOM Tech Notes page has the promised piece about adding paddle inputs to a W9XT Contest Card.  The information was provided courtesy of Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT from Unified Microsystems.  The instructions are reasonably detailed Heathkit-style, and a picture is included of a modified Contest Card.


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