[na-user] Two Radios

Richard Thorne Richard Thorne <rthorne@arn.net>
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:05:52 -0700

Hi Folks.

Tried running computer control with two radios using version 10.20
with no luck.  I'm hoping its operator error.

I have a 1000mp set up as rig one and an 850 as rig two.  I thought 
I set up the equipment and configuration parameters correct for 
two radios.  However, NA does not seem to be communicating with the
850.  No problem talking with the mp.

I brought up CT 9.27 real quick to see if it could communicate using
the same exact hook up, i.e. com1 to the mp and com2 to the 850.  I
also checked to ensure both were using the same irq's and address's.
CT was able to communicate with both rigs and the logging changed 
back and forth between the two just fine. (this is not intended to
be a na v.s. ct question.  They are both fine programs)

Anyways could some one walk me through the config process.  I've read
the manual several times with no luck.  When I hit ctrl-r there is
no indication that na is trying to switch radios.

Rich Thorne - WB5M
Amarillo, TX

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