[na-user] Re: Missing Key Strokes

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Sun, 17 Aug 1997 19:54:51 -0500 (CDT)

Recently, several people (W4AN, WB5M, N4BP & K3MM) have reported
missing keystrokes when using NA.  I have not seen this problem, but
I've also not been terribly active this summer, which is understandable.
Nothing has changed in this area of the code since last winter when we
made some changes responding to similar complaints.  Nobody reported
any problems in ARRL DX, so I thought things were fixed.

The keyboard routine grew to be rather complicated as a result of the
automatic check partial stuff.  When doing doing a auto check partial
(filling up the window), if another key is pressed it is necessary to stop
and start over.  This code was constructed very carefully to make this work,
however I wonder if there is somehow a problem in this area.

This week I plan to look over the entire keyboard input process to see if it
cannot be streamlined and eliminate this problem.

One thing I want to know is if this problem occurs when running NA under
Win95.  This COULD be the source of the problem.  I know from first hand
experience at WRTC-96 that the DOS window in Win95 creates problems
that are not NA's fault.  For example, the CW sending would sound OK on
the computer sidetone, but would not key an LPT port, but would key on a
COM port.  Paddles connected to the same LPT would work fine.  I can't be
responsible for this.  In so many words, NA IS A DOS PROGRAM.  Use
under windows at your own risk.

To WB5M, here are the requirements for two radios to work:

1) "Two radios" must be selected in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL.
2) A port must be selected for the two-radio interface.
3) For computer controlled radios to work, both must have types selected
   in CONFIG's Equipement Setup, ports selected in the COM Port Setup,
   and must be turned on in the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL.

When two radios are working, there is a "TX#1" or "TX#2" icon on the NA
Command Bar above the logging window.


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