[na-user] na autocheck problem

Jan Fisher Jan Fisher <jan.fisher@virgin.net>
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 19:35:41 -0000

Hi all I wonder if anyone has had problems with the keyer when using autocheck.

I normally start the keyer with about 3 letters of the call and then add the end of the call whilst the keyer catches up however with autocheck on the last couple of letters are left out of the CW sending string. This only happens when a call has a lot of options to check in the call database say a DL6....if the keyer is started after "DL6" and then the rest of the call say "ABC" is typed the keyer sends "DL6A599"

It seems that this is a speed problem however I havn't noticed it on older versions. I wonder if you can check this out on your machine to see if it acts the same.

I am using a 486-100 computer.

73 Jan G0IVZ

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